Revealing Brilliance Celebration: Final Day

February 26, 2016

“As I think about what types of brilliance we should foster in young people to prepare for the future, I am reminded of the importance of the diversity work at Mary McDowell Friends School. Striving to create a community with people from diverse races, religions, genders, ages, economic backgrounds and sexual orientations provides MMFS students with opportunities to interact with diverse individuals, curriculum and experiences. A diverse learning environment at MMFS today will surely benefit our students and allow them to ‘reveal brilliance’ in the future.” Beth Schneider, Associate Head of School

“When I reflect on what we can foster in our students to prepare them for the future I keep coming back to empathy. True empathy is actually incredibly difficult and maybe even impossible to experience. But I think that what we can do for students is foster a desire to strive for true empathy, even knowing that it’s impossible to achieve, because so many other values come from that, like compassion and active listening. Empathy is one of the core values that makes us human rather than animals, and all other values are cultivated out of it.” Keith Gauger, US Head English Teacher

“By embracing the principles of mindfulness and awareness, we help our children to see their LD as a chance to approach the world with a different perspective, knowing that they can make a big impact and create miracles in their own lives and in the lives of those around them.” Nuno Fernandes, MMFS MS Parent and Board Member

MMFS Revealing Brilliance Celebration: Final Day

Our Revealing Brilliance Celebration comes to a close today with culminating activities in all three divisions. The ES held a special silent meeting for students to share how they feel brilliant, the MS is showing their MMFS pride by wearing school colors, and the US will gather together to reflect on the week and read each other’s “sparking” lots.

The final question of the week is: What types of brilliance can we foster in our young people to prepare them for the future?

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