About: Our Campus

Our Campus

Learning in the heart of brownstone Brooklyn, just a few subway stops from Manhattan

Our Brooklyn campus contains everything necessary for a rigorous and engaging education from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Our beautiful facilities are designed at each level to be age-appropriate, conducive to learning, and student-centered.

Our lower school spaces are thoughtfully designed so that children are able to navigate easily and independently as they learn. The classrooms, which are named for Quaker leaders, incorporate technology that assists and supports the students’ learning. Students are engaged academically throughout the day and can enjoy play time in safe outdoor spaces including a play space on the roof.

When students move from lower to middle school, the move itself from one building to the other is an important milestone for them. Students learn how to navigate around the middle school building as they move as a group from class to class. Middle school facilities include large classrooms, technology areas, science labs, a large gym for all sports and athletic activities, a woodshop, and a performance stage.

Our upper school facilities are designed for teenagers and reflect a traditional high school atmosphere. Facilities include a biology lab, a chemistry lab, a physics lab, a dance room and a stage, a fitness room, and a woodshop, all outfitted with state-of-the-art technology to support the students’ learning. The upper school campus also has an outdoor courtyard where students and faculty gather, enjoying the occasional impromptu music concert.

Our larger Brooklyn and New York communities

Teaching our students how to be thoughtful citizens is part of our curriculum and the City of New York offers a variety of opportunities to put these teachings into practice.

Classes regularly take day trips to artistic, historic, and educational sites in the community around Brooklyn and the New York area. These trips are integrated within relevant themes being explored in the classrooms, and take advantage of the world-class arts, history, and cultural sites in New York City to add context and experience to the curriculum.

We have a reputation in the community as an educational leader, and our partnerships have grown to include many neighbors in Brooklyn and throughout the city. We have strong relationships with area institutions, including the nearby YMCA facility, service organizations, museums, and historic sites.

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