Student Life: Counseling


Counseling for our students throughout the school day

In addition to the social and emotional learning embedded in the structure of the school day, we also have a counseling team who specifically focuses on helping each student thrive. Our team works with our students to build skills and teaches them mindfulness, so they can manage stress and face the challenges of growing up thoughtfully.

The counseling team, composed of psychologists and social workers, is always available for students who need someone to speak with or who are in crisis. Counselors facilitate several affinity space groups, including banana splits (for students in divorced or separated families), a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) group, a pronouns group, and an adoption group. In addition to serving as a resource for families, members of the team run several Coffee and Chat meetings for families throughout the school year on important topics, consult with families, act as liaisons between the school and outside mental health and medical professionals, and run student groups that meet regularly to address shared experiences.

The psychologists and social workers are available for students who are in crisis or in need of someone to speak with, but the school does not provide ongoing individual or group counseling during the school day. Teachers provide support throughout the day, so that students can remain in the classroom and continue learning. Our teachers are trained to work with students to help them problem-solve and guide them in conflict resolution.

The counseling team works with students and in tandem with teachers in the classroom to support students’ social and emotional development. Throughout the day, students learn skills to help them build self-esteem and the confidence necessary to take the risks inherent in learning new information. Students are welcome to stop in at the team’s offices any time they wish to share a success or when they are seeking help to solve a problem.

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