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​Revealing Brilliance

Welcome Message from Head of School

As the new Head of School, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to Mary McDowell Friends School, one of New York City’s leading schools for students with learning disabilities. For nearly 40 years, MMFS has been ensuring that students with learning disabilities achieve academic and personal success. Our comprehensive, K-12 college preparatory program is rich, supportive, and academically rigorous, preparing students to excel in any path they choose and equipping them with the skills they need to navigate a rapidly changing world.  

Our philosophy is that all of our students can learn when given the attention and specialized resources they need. We support our students with structured, multisensory curricula; differentiated instruction; small class sizes; and an engaging approach to learning, empowering them to be their own best advocates at school and beyond. Our approach is student-centered; our teachers are highly trained, deeply dedicated professionals. And since we know that learning extends beyond the classroom, our program incorporates the visual and performing arts, athletic teams, international travel, and a social justice practice. Our Quaker values and a deep commitment to anti-racism and equity serve as a guiding light for everything we do.

I invite you to visit us at one of our three buildings in Brooklyn. The moment you walk through our doors, you will feel the warmth of our community and you will witness the rich, diverse opportunities that shape well-rounded individuals and future leaders. Whether you walk by a classroom in which our teachers are working their magic to bring material to life, or you’re taking in a musical performance, an art exhibit, or an athletic competition, you will know that you are in a space that loves and supports students. And you will see the joy that comes from fulfilling our mission of “revealing brilliance” in our students.

We look forward to meeting you.

In Friendship,

André Del Valle
Head of School

Revealing Brilliance

You may have noticed the phrase “Revealing Brilliance” that is a part of Mary McDowell Friends School’s logo and that appears on our printed materials.

What does Revealing Brilliance mean? It means that our students come to Mary McDowell Friends School (MMFS) with their own individual skills, talents, and abilities. Through differentiated instruction, the commitment of our highly skilled teachers and support staff, and the rigorous academics we offer, our students succeed in school.

Two Students.

At MMFS every learner shines. We support our students to grow and to find their innate gifts and “inner light.” We provide them with opportunities to reach their full potential by understanding how they learn, drawing on their strengths, and encouraging them to meet their challenges. Our students work hard at academics, the arts, and athletics so their many talents can emerge.

Teacher and Student.

When families start at MMFS, they often ask, “Can my child gain the skills needed for college?” Even parents of the very youngest children ask this question. The answer is yes! When children come to MMFS, they are welcomed into a brighter future. From our youngest students through our twelfth graders, our students come to understand how they learn best, how to self-advocate, and how to challenge themselves.

We equip them with the tools they need to thrive. Mary McDowell Friends School graduates succeed at some of the nation’s top colleges and universities. A few forge fulfilling career paths through hands-on programs that provide important life-skills. The MMFS experience empowers students to take an active role in learning at every level – lower, middle and upper school, college, and beyond. Students build a foundation at MMFS that will support them long after they’ve graduated.

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