Lightning Poets at the Lower School

May 03, 2024

Poetry Month at the lower school culminated with an epic Lightning Poetry Contest. More than 60 students—the largest group ever!—signed up to learn and recite a poem before a panel of MMFS judges. Every one of the brave and brilliant students deserved the Lightning Poetry Medal they received, but five students were judged this year’s Lightning Poetry winners.

  • For the 3rd floor: Bea T. with her recitation of The Months by Sara Coleridge
  • For the 4th floor: Emma R. with Maytime Magic by Mabel Watts
  • And for the 5th floor: Lily T. with The Lion and the Lily by Elizabeth Spires; TerraAmun C. with How Not To Have To Dry The Dishes by Shel Silverstein; and Leiliani A. with Me by Karla Kuskin.

Thanks, as always, to librarian Rebecca Beck for organizing and running the annual Lightning Poetry Contest. And thank you to our panel of judges: André Del Valle, Tatesha Clark, Alice Feinberg, Sadia Mehmood-Pellicano, and—making her Poetry Contest judging debut this year—new HR Director Tricina Stallings. Special thanks also to Ben Hart (of LS front desk fame) for making their expertise available as a performance coach.

Enjoy more (absolutely adorable) photos from the Lightning Poetry Contest here.

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