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Upper School Overview

Cultivating a strong sense of self-advocacy

We encourage our students to be independent learners, critical thinkers, and problem solvers. We support them in their academic journey with structured, multisensory curricula, differentiated instruction, small class sizes, and an engaging approach to learning. This approach empowers them to be their own best advocates at school and beyond.

A strong support network

Our experienced and dedicated teachers and staff work closely with students to make sure that everyone has the tools they need to be successful. Every student has a strong support network, including an advisor who fosters self-advocacy and study skills. Students also have access to a psychologist, full-time upper school language therapists, and social workers.

An academically rigorous high school

At our upper school building in Brooklyn Heights, you will find high school students dissecting specimens in biology, reading James Baldwin in English, creating a poster in graphic design class for the latest theater production, solving linear equations in calculus, and practicing layups for the next basketball game.

In addition to fulfilling core academic requirements, students pursue their artistic passions in music, drama, and visual arts and develop their athletic skills as members of our sports teams. They become leaders in many clubs and activities including the Student Leadership Team, Quaker Life Committee, and Cultural Research & Celebration Club.


Technology is central to the program, offering interactive and virtual opportunities that unlock learning for our students. They learn to be safe and responsible citizens of the ever-evolving digital world.

Preparation for college and beyond

Our experienced college counselors provide support through the experience of exploring next steps after graduation. They guide students through the college application process, including offering a program that prepares them for college interviews. We continue to encourage students to advocate for themselves through their decision-making process. Whatever they wish to pursue after they graduate, MMFS students will have the tools to help them take that next step.

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An emphasis on global learning and travel

An engaging curriculum with a global focus is powerful for all students, but especially for students with learning disabilities. We take students out of the classroom throughout the school year to enhance learning and foster independence during overnight trips upstate, service learning opportunities, and international trips.

A school grounded in Quaker tradition

As a Quaker school proud of our tradition, we value our diversity, celebrate every voice, and respect different opinions. We strive to be responsible and caring members of the larger community of our city through service projects and our focus on equity and social justice. When we join together to make a difference in someone else’s life, we all grow individually and as a community.

A close-knit and fun community

Our students and teachers passionately engage in discovery, creativity, and debate. We also take every opportunity to have fun and laugh together.

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