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Quaker Practice

​The Quaker core values that shape our approach to educating students with learning disabilities

Mary McDowell Friends School is the only Quaker school for students with learning disabilities in New York City.

While there are 78 Quaker schools located throughout the United States, Mary McDowell Friends School is one of just six special education Friends schools in the United States and the only one with the distinction of educating students in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

With our unique place in the Friends school community, Mary McDowell Friends School proudly embraces our rich history of Quakerism. One of the core themes of Quakerism is that anyone, young or old, can have access to “inner light” — an innate goodness and commonality at the center of every person.

We strive to develop a community of learners, staff and faculty, families, trustees, and friends, who recognize “that of Good” in one another and work to ensure that our actions as individuals and groups foster this belief in our school community and in the world beyond.