The MS Presents Shrek Jr: “What makes us special makes us strong!”

May 03, 2024

The reviews are in and it’s a hit! Congratulations to everyone involved in creating the “Big, Bright Beautiful World” of the middle school’s production of Shrek, The Musical Jr., based on the beloved William Steig book and the classic movie.

Shrek features great songs and great comedy (when was the last time you saw a middle school musical with a farting and burping contest?), but it’s show’s underlying themes of friendship, empowerment, tolerance, and self-acceptance that make it resonate with the values of Mary McDowell Friends School. Like onions and parfait (and ogres!), this show has layers. In the show’s big anthem “Freak Flag,” the Fairy Tale Creatures proclaim “What makes us special makes us strong!” And in the show’s big finale, “This Is Our Story,” the full cast steps downstage to sing “We are different and united.” The joyous show ends with the full cast (and most of the audience) singing and dancing to “I’m a Believer.”

Putting on such a big musical requires the talents of so many people, onstage and off. Thank you to the students in the cast and crew, and to all the teachers and friends who made this such a “magical” production.

Enjoy this album photos from the production!

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