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Student Life

We offer a challenging curriculum for students with learning disabilities in a school community based on longstanding Quaker traditions. Our team of educators strives to foster a deep sense of global citizenship in our students. We believe that all voices are important and our learning environment is filled with opportunities for all of our students to reveal their brilliance.

Challenging academics

Our rigorous academic curriculum is implemented in an environment created to help our students thrive academically. We offer specialized teaching for our students with classes that are designed according to age and skill development. Our curriculum is built to allow students to develop the intellect and ability they need to succeed. We challenge our students and support them to meet those challenges.

Highly trained team of professionals

Our staff and faculty are the highest-trained education professionals. All members of our team are at the top of their field and committed to rigorous professional learning. Many of our faculty and staff lead workshops and trainings in other schools across the country. They are passionate about supporting each and every one of their students. From the lower school through graduation from the upper school, these professionals play a vital role in all students’ lives, supporting their needs and empowering them on their journeys.

Proud Quaker tradition

We are the only Quaker School in New York City for students with learning disabilities, one of only six such schools in the United States, and the only one that is K–12. Our Silent Meetings and Quaker values of respecting every person carry through to all aspects of learning and life at MMFS. These Quaker values inform everything from our programming approach to valuing each student’s unique gifts and abilities. The Quaker tradition of community gives our students the strength to be able to succeed both in school and in the global community.

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