Revealing Brilliance Celebration: Day One

February 11, 2016

“We all excel in different ways and have different strengths. When we do the best we can with our strengths, we’re revealing brilliance. Some of us are strong academically, in math or reading or writing. Some of us have talents in the arts and can draw, sculpt, or make ceramics. For some of us it’s the way we act towards each other, towards friends, towards strangers. It’s when we use our strengths to better ourselves, each other, and the community, and above all to be good, caring people, that we are truly brilliant.”
Debbie Zlotowitz, Head of School

Revealing Brilliance Celebration: Day One

The Revealing Brilliance Celebration is underway! This morning students in all three buildings were greeted by teachers wearing “Revealing Brilliance” medals around their necks. Throughout the week these medals will be passed from faculty to students and back again whenever an act of “brilliance” is seen.

We invite YOU to join the celebration by answering the following question:

What does “Revealing Brilliance” at MMFS mean to you?

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