Revealing Brilliance Celebration: Day Four

February 25, 2016


“There is something unique about MMFS that helps students reveal themselves and the brilliance they have. At the middle school, one of the things we focus on is revealing curiosity and revealing empathy. Middle school students are mainly focused inwards, on their own thoughts and feelings. It’s a time when they are really forming their identity. When they are able to develop a connection to what’s happening outside of themselves, that’s when they really thrive. I see that in our Current Events class all the time. Introducing them to concerning things helps them to be concerned for others. Helping students be curious and helping them feel for other people helps them be who they really are.” Sydney Linder, Head Teacher in the Han-Seok Han House

“Our son, Eli Rosenblum-Stephens, has always been a ‘maker,’ working with his hands to make objects out of found materials. At age twelve, he turned his first wooden bowl at summer camp, and returned home to build a mini-lathe out of materials he found – an old fan motor, a socket, and some scrap wood. The look on his face when he turned his first wooden spindle on his homemade mini-lathe was radiant, brilliant. In that moment, Eli had discovered what we believe will be a lifelong passion for making tools and working with wood.” Patricia Stephens, 12th Grade Parent

“We always thought Jeffrey was a bright kid, but the first time we saw his brilliance was when we read his first Progress Report in 11th grade. Thabit, his math teacher, wrote ‘Jeffrey suggested using the example of y=x^4 to illustrate that the double derivative does not always give us definite information on the nature of the stationary point.’ We were very impressed, clueless as to what it meant, but thrilled to realize our son was in a place that could support his needs and also nurture his talents.” Marlene Lieberman, Alumni Parent

MMFS Revealing Brilliance Celebration: Day Four

Revealing Brilliance Week continues to be thought-provoking and fun. Yesterday students in all three divisions were treated to star-shaped “brilliance” cookies baked by our very own MS music teacher Catherine Gillespie. The middle school continued to show spirit with “Rock Star Day,” when students and faculty dressed up as their favorite rock stars. And an upper school student led her fellows in silent meeting as they pondered what it means to be brilliant.

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