Revealing Brilliance:
A True Story

February 23, 2016

by Andrea Pinkney, Board Member and Current Parent

A kid walks into Mary McDowell Friends School.

His shades are drawn.

His windows are shut.

His umbrella is up.

Once, not so long ago, this kid had a little twinkle about him. He smiled. And laughed. And liked school. And knew, deep down, that he was cool.

But somewhere on the road, this brilliant kid got incorrect information about himself.

He was fed the wrong message: You can’t. You won’t. You don’t. Not you.

In time, he came to believe that messed-up message was him.

That’s when he drew his shades. Shut his windows. And got the biggest umbrella he could find.

To block the wind. To keep out the rain. To quiet the refrain: You can’t. You won’t. You don’t. Not you.

Then, something wonderful happened. A dedicated and knowing staff of Mary McDowell professionals saw the kid as soon as he walked in the door. They really saw him. They saw his brainpower. They saw his humor. His intelligence, creativity, and friendliness.

These qualified educators showed the kid his very own gifts. They were glints of light that had been there all along.

The Mary McDowell people told the kid the truth about himself: You can. You will. You do. Yes, you.

And, they said: Here’s how.

Soon, very soon, the kid discovered the tools that helped him succeed.

All of a sudden, his shades lifted. His windows flew open to let in the sun. He closed up that umbrella (which he now keeps on-hand for the occasional sprinkle, which happens to everyone).

He started to believe the right messages about himself: I can! I will! I do! Yes, me! I now know how!

The kid started to smile. And laugh. And sing. And ease on down the right road for him.

He came to love his school. And told others how cool Mary McDowell is. Back came the kid’s little twinkle, which had grown bigger and brighter.

Today, this kid’s brilliance has been revealed! Others see it, and so does he. It shines wherever he goes. It is a beautiful thing.

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