New Video about Assistive Technology at MMFS

November 08, 2016

MMFS integrates educational and assistive technologies into curricula on all levels to create a dynamic learning environment for students. Hardware, such as whiteboards, sound amplifications systems, laptops, and tablets, and a variety of excellent software make it possible for students with a wide range of learning disabilities to perform at their intellectual level. Assistive technology differentiates the learning process and makes it possible for every student to get what he or she needs.

Keyboards and tablets allow students to bypass their difficulties with the physical act of writing, spelling or language, enabling them to more fully participate at their comprehension levels in class discussions and to express their ideas more easily. New speech-to-text software is making a big impact in literacy classes and mathematics software is proving very successful in facilitating learning in math.

The skills that MMFS students are learning are also preparing them to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Click on the image below to view a short video featuring MMFS students using assistive technology.


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