Lightning Poetry Contest

December 23, 2016

This week students from all three divisions participated in the annual Lightning Poetry Contest. The contest is an opportunity for MMFS students to flex their memorization muscles, improve their public speaking skills, and refine their grasp of the English language. A whopping 55 students participated in the contest this year: 32 from the elementary school, 8 from the middle, and 15 from the upper.

To prepare, they each selected a poem they liked and worked with their teachers to memorize it. Among the poems students chose were “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Goodnight” by Dylan Thomas, “Filthy McNasty” by MMFS commencement speaker Kwame Alexander, and “My Name is Alexander Hamilton” from the musical Hamilton.  After weeks of work, the students presented their poems to a panel of judges made up of friends of the school.

The judges chose a winner from each floor of the elementary school and from the middle and upper school divisions. The winners performed their poems at the elementary school Winter Performance on December 21st.

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