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Season Wrap-Ups

March 11, 2022

Winning is important, and always a goal for our athletic teams. However, it isn’t the most important goal. Given all that Athletics has faced in the era of COVID-19, I am proud to say that providing an opportunity for our student athletes to learn, compete, socialize, and grow in their sport has never been as satisfying as it was this season.

I would like to say thank you to: the coaches who endured and overcame frequent disruptions; the administration who worked tirelessly to ensure we could compete; the nursing staff who always had our safety in mind; the team families for their flexibility and understanding; and our student athletes, without whom none of this would have been possible.

Onward and upward! And congratulations to everyone.

~ Justin Schuhmacher, Director of Athletics

Middle School Girls Basketball
It has been such a fun experience to coach the middle school girls basketball team this season. We started with five players, but over time more students expressed interest and by the end of the season, we had ten players on the team!

This was a first-year basketball experience for every player, and as the team practiced, they grew as athletes. Despite the losses we experienced in the beginning of the season, the team always gave it their all and played hard in every game. They built up skills and knowledge of the game throughout the season, as well as their confidence, friendships, and teamwork. What better way to finish the season than with two wins?? Click here to view photos from the season. 

Go Lightning!!
~ Coach Karen

Middle School Boys Basketball
After a two year hiatus, coaching the boys middle school basketball team this season has been simply amazing. Each player worked hard from the outset. As individuals and as a team, they have all developed into a hardworking group that enjoyed playing basketball together.

I am extremely proud of the way these student athletes represented themselves and the entire MMFS community during this challenging but rewarding season. It was truly an honor to have coached this dedicated and supportive team. Click here to view photos from the season. 

Go Lightning!
~ Coaches Earl and Niles

Upper School Varsity Basketball
The 2021-22 basketball season was like no other. We were thrilled to finally have an official season once again, and the opportunity to get back on the court to compete. And the team showed us just how much they love the sport, from the first practice to the final game.

Participation in league games and practices during a pandemic provided unique challenges. But our team remained competitive, and we made it to the ISAL playoffs—for the fifth straight year! In the end we came up short of our goal, but we are proud of the team’s perseverance and progress.

We started the season with 18 players—our largest varsity basketball team ever. The team was mostly freshmen and sophomores. Based on what we’ve seen, the future looks very bright! We also had three seniors on the team—Abe, Roberto, and Charles—who will be greatly missed next season.

Thank you to the many people who made this season possible: MMFS Alum Matt Fischioni for live streaming most of the games; the school nurses who supported us with a multitude of health-related questions; the administration who allowed this season to go on; to the families—we thank you for all your support! And to the many Lightning fans who watched our games online and attended in-person whenever possible. Most importantly, we thank the players for all their efforts and hard work this year. Click here to view photos from the season.

Go Lightning!
~ Coaches John and Amin

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