Revealing Brilliance Celebration: Day Two

February 23, 2016


“MMFS reveals brilliance in our students by supporting difference and providing a safe, supportive environment in which students aren’t afraid to fail but feel confident enough to spread their wings.”
Lisa Sinsheimer, Clerk of the Board of Trustees and Alumni Parent

“There is no one way that MMFS reveals brilliance.  Our whole community comes together to find opportunities to let our students really show off their talents and shine in ways that are truly remarkable to behold.  Many of our students are gifted artists, inspiring orators and performers, or serious about academic achievement once they get a handle on their learning strategies – these gifts come to light with the help of our faculty, our students’ peers, and the great support they get at home.”
Bernie McCormick, Director of Technology


A kid walks into Mary McDowell Friends School.

His shades are drawn.

His windows are shut.

His umbrella is up.

Once, not so long ago, this kid had a little twinkle about him. He smiled. And laughed. And liked school. And knew, deep down, that he was cool…”

Read the rest of the story by Andrea Pinkney, Board Member and Current Parent

Revealing Brilliance Celebration: Day Two

Our Revealing Brilliance Celebration is off to a terrific start! Yesterday elementary school students reflected on the query, “How do you reveal your brilliance?” in silent meeting.

Middle school students were introduced to concept of revealing brilliance and asked to watch for acts of kindness in each other throughout the week.

And upper school students discussed the idea of “sparks” as it pertains to revealing brilliance. They identified the “sparks” in each other and were asked to find ways to share these “sparks” with the community visually.

All students were given silicone bracelets with the words “Revealing Brilliance” on it, and the medals are being passed back and forth with great enthusiasm.

Thanks to all who answered yesterday’s question of the day! We loved hearing your thoughts.

Today’s question is: Name one way the MMFS community reveals brilliance in our students.

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