MMFS Participates in the Global Climate Strike

September 20, 2019

Teaching our students to be good global citizens is central to the mission of MMFS. Many of our students are passionate about the issue of climate change, and today, some of them are joining young people from around the world to participate in the Global Climate Strike. Letters went to upper and middle school families earlier this week outlining the procedure for parents to give permission for students to leave school, and explaining that for this momentous, worldwide action, the school will be giving an excused absence.

Students who remain in school today will engage in age-appropriate activities around climate change. For instance, after a week of exploring environmental issues in the classroom, lower school students will have their own “march” around the Bergen Street block, singing “We Come From The Mountain” as they go.  The middle school is using this occasion to launch a weekly Earth Hour, during which they will turn off all non-essential electric devices, like lights, computers, and air conditioners. And the upper school student council met to discuss climate issues, and encouraged fellow students to attend the Climate Strike; as of yesterday, about 35 students had committed to participating.

When 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg spoke before Congress this week, she said “I want you to unite behind science.  And then I want you to take real action.” I am proud of our students for raising awareness and demanding real action.


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