Upper School

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Upper School Athletics

Learning valuable life lessons about teamwork, personal achievement, and sportsmanship

Our approach to athletics includes a healthy and rigorous approach to physical fitness, and the collaborative spirit that comes with participating in team sports. Above all, our goal in the athletic program is to provide a positive experience for the students. We also instill in each student the importance of dedication and what it means to be a good team member.

Participation in competitive athletics is optional and there are tryouts. Many upper school students get involved, whether it is on the court or ball field, or by scoring, managing, or cheering on the sidelines.

Upper School Athletics Mission Statement

The Mary McDowell Friends upper school athletic program strives to create an educational and competitive experience in sports that is grounded by sportsmanship, effort, dedication, and personal and social responsibility. MMFS believes that participation in sports helps build character, encourages cooperation and a sense of fair play, and promotes lifelong fitness. We value the opportunity to participate in athletics, and our goal is to be competitive in every game while demonstrating the Quaker values of respect and responsibility regardless of the outcome of any particular game.

MMFS is a member of the Independent School Athletic League of New York City. Competitive sports teams are offered in the fall, winter, and spring seasons.

Fall Season

Girls Varsity Volleyball
Boys Varsity Soccer
Boys & Girls Varsity Cross Country

Winter Season

Girls Junior Varsity Basketball
Boys Junior Varsity Basketball
Boys Varsity Basketball

Spring Season

Boys & Girls Varsity Track & Field
Boys Varsity Volleyball

For up-to-date information, including game schedules, recent results, and participation forms, please sign in to the Parent Portal.

Physical Education

Physical education is required for all four years; upper school students attend classes three times per seven-day cycle. For our upper school students, our goal is to provide opportunities so that when they leave school, they know what they like. In addition, they are able to confidently use equipment, navigate exercise class schedules, and pursue an active life on their own.

upper school weight room

Students participate in a wide array of athletic activities that often foster a lifelong commitment to physical fitness. We teach students the fundamentals of team, partner, and individual sports, including skills, rules, and game strategies. Physical fitness and sportsmanship are underlying themes throughout.

Through our partnership with neighboring athletic programs, our students have access to yoga, spin, and rock climbing, in addition to traditional gym equipment and workout areas.​