Middle School

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Middle School Arts

Engaging students to cultivate their voices and discover their talents

The arts offer important opportunities for adolescents as they find their own voices and discover their talents. The middle school arts curriculum encourages personal artistic expression in visual, dramatic, and music arts, along with appreciation of multidisciplinary artists across many cultures throughout history.

Visual Arts

Our visual arts curriculum includes drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, woodworking, and printmaking. Students learn to plan, execute, and evaluate their artwork with increasing sophistication. They’re taught to consider the formal aspects of art making while further developing their artistic visions.

Dramatic Arts

For the annual theatrical production, most of the middle school students take part in the play in various roles, including acting, tech crew, and set design. All students participate in music classes, and sixth graders take drama class.


Music class offerings have ranged from rock, jazz, and chamber bands to chamber chorus and orchestra. Students learn not only specific instrument skills (learning to play guitar, keyboard, bass, or drums), they also learn to work together respectfully and productively as an ensemble.

Students are very dedicated and enthusiastic and they enjoy performing. Extracurricular offerings for advanced students have included optional classes in media arts, vocal ensemble, and advanced band.

Annual Arts Highlights

Arts Night

Every spring, students share what they have accomplished in their classes with friends and family. Students from kindergarten through twelfth grade showcase their creativity and hard work with displays of paintings, drawings, sculptures, and multimedia projects.

Annual theatrical production

Cast and crew work very hard after school for most of the school year, rehearsing, creating sets, and choreographing lighting and sound.

Music Nights

Students have an opportunity to perform the musical skills they’ve learned at Middle School Music Nights.​