Lower School

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Lower School Student Life

A comprehensive school experience, where every child is valued

Daily Routine

All lower school students arrive at their classrooms at 8:15 am and unpack their belongings. A journal writing period follows, after which the class gathers for morning meeting to prepare for the day ahead.

Students have reading and snack time in the morning, followed by schedules that differ among classrooms. All students have classes in math, writing, handwriting, science, social studies, art, library, music, social/emotional learning, current events, and physical education throughout the week.

The week often ends with reflection circle, when the class sits together to contemplate its day or week. Students participate in Silent Meeting twice a week.

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Students choose from a roster of exciting clubs designed and led by faculty. Clubs offer a wonderful opportunity for students to socialize and spend time with students in other classes, bringing together students of different ages around a common interest.

Clubs meet every Friday afternoon. There are three cycles, each lasting 7 or 8 weeks. At the end of a cycle, a student can choose a different club and learn a new set of skills. Past clubs have included photography, yoga, and astronomy.

Learning outside of the classroom

Lower school classes go on a range of trips that are curriculum driven and/or community building. Field trips are multisensory and give context to the information students are learning in the classroom.

Some examples are visits to the Cloisters, Ellis Island, African Burial Ground in Lower Manhattan, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Salt Marsh Nature Center, and Stonewall Inn. Community building trips include field days in Prospect Park or Brooklyn Bridge Park, bowling, and ice skating.

Overnight trips to Fairview Lake Environmental Education Center are a highlight of the year for participating classes. Older students and their teachers spend two nights and three days together at Fairview Lake learning about nature, developing outdoor skills, gaining independence, and collaborating in fun activities.