Lower School

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Lower School Physical Education

Inspiring a lifelong love of physical activity

The goal of physical education in the lower school is to reach all students and inspire a lifelong love of physical activity. Lower school students have physical education twice a week. Our physical education program for lower school students offers many units, such as hand hockey, gymnastics, soccer, omnikin ball, fitness stations/testing, floor hockey, and Olympics, so that students can each find something in which they are interested and enjoy.

Our physical education program engages all students with a wide range of traditional (mat gymnastics, badminton, and ball sports) and nontraditional (cup stacking, balance boards, and circus) activities.

Games and activities are adapted to the age level of each class. We emphasize “play hard, play fair, and play safe” so that students learn to support teammates, manage winning and losing, work collaboratively, and have fun.