There’s A lot Happening in the Middle Division

January 22, 2015

Middle school students are involved in several exciting educational and fun activities. Music Night on Tuesday, January 20th showcased the variety of musical classes we have available in the middle school. There were pop/rock selections, jazz and bluegrass bands, a classical ensemble, the drumming group, and our talented chamber chorus. From beginners to experts, everybody shone. It was a great evening. A very enthusiastic crowd cheered everybody on. Thanks to all the parents, students, and faculty who attended, we had a full house. Look for pictures on our Flickr account.

Our basketball teams are continuing the success of our soccer team. Both the boys and girls basketball teams are tops in the league thus far. There are still plenty of games left and the more fans we have at the games the more fun it is. See you at the next game?

The Read-A-Thon is just around the corner. Each year the middle school (along with the elementary and upper schools) raises money for worthy causes by asking students to read books and get sponsors. The books have been selected by the literacy teachers. Time is allotted in school and at home to complete the reading. All students are required to read at least one book. Many students read multiple books. Getting sponsors is the tricky part. At school, we talk about strategies for success and teachers model a mock ‘ask.’ Students often need help from parents to identify possible donors and practice communication skills. The amount of the sponsorship is secondary but we really want every student to have the experience of getting a sponsor.

Eighth graders are preparing for the Spanish immersion classes in Costa Rica the first week of February. After a morning walk on the beach and Spanish classes, students will engage in a variety of Costa Rican experiences. There will be Latin dancing, zip lining, surfing, snorkeling, and lots and lots of bird watching. More on this trip is forthcoming in the next newsletter.

Fresh off the success of the poetry recitation contest is our second annual Gettysburg Address competition. Students taking part will practice over the next several weeks in preparation for our MMFS contest. The winner of the contest will represent our school in the national competition against other schools for students with learning disabilities.

Two other exciting events on our calendar are Spirit Week and our Museum days. Spirit Week will take place in the last week of February. Homerooms compete to see which homeroom in each grade has the most spirit. Each day has its own theme, and wackiness ensues. Teachers definitely get into the act. Two weeks later will be our Museum days. Each grade will have the opportunity to share what they have learned in their social studies classes with family members and other middle school students and faculty. Egypt, colonial America, and the evolution of African American rights will figure prominently. We hope to see you there. Look for more information about these events in coming weeks.

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