The New MMFS College Guidance Team Responds to a Supreme Court Ruling

September 15, 2023

The new College Guidance team–Kim Lord (Director of College Guidance), Lekeia Judge (Assistant Director of College Guidance), Morgan Theze (College Counselor), and Sam Gordon (Counseling Coordinator)–is keenly aware of the ramifications of the June 29 Supreme Court decision prohibiting colleges from using race as a factor in admissions. This affects both sides of the equation: the application process for prospective students and the decision-making apparatus at colleges and universities. As a matter of policy and in the support of our students, MMFS issued the following statement:

On June 29, the Supreme Court issued a decision that effectively ended the longstanding practice of allowing colleges and universities to consider race as a factor when admitting students. As we grapple with this decision and how it will affect college admissions from now on, we think it’s important to reiterate that at Mary McDowell Friends School, we affirm the value of each student’s lived experience, including their race and ethnicity, as well as the undeniable benefit of learning in a diverse community. It is part of our mission to “cultivate a diverse and anti-racist community in which all students can reach their full potential.”

The MMFS College Guidance team is committed to ensuring that we have the most current information on college admission practices and policies so that we can continue supporting all our students, in all their identities, during the post-secondary search process. We regard this as essential to our ongoing commitment to becoming a fully anti-racist institution.

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