The Book Report Museum

May 04, 2023

The Met Gala was Monday, but on Tuesday, everyone was invited to the 5th Floor Book Report Museum at Bergen Street! For the past few months, the students of the Benezet, Green, Levi, and Fry Rooms have been hard at work reading a “just right” book, writing sentence summaries, drafting and completing a book report, and creating a project based on the book they read to display at this literary exhibition. Some of the favorite books were James and the Giant Peach (Roald Dahl), A Boy Called Bat (Elana K. Arnold), and Loser (Jerry Spinelli), and projects ranged from dioramas to movie posters of the book covers. And for the first time, this year there was a puppet show! It was fun to see students volunteering to play different roles as well as watch as an audience member. Thanks to teachers Alexis Ratliff, Magdalena Valenti, Greg Hill-Ries, Olivia MacArthur, Helen Cunningham, Rachel Pradilla, and Emily McCurrach for curating this “literary museum.”

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