Students Will Showcase Skills at Language Night

May 06, 2022

Students in ASL 3, ASL 4, and Spanish 3 classes have been working diligently all year in preparation for Language Night. “These events are such a big part of what makes MMFS so special,” says ASL teacher Amanda Toomey. “After two years on hold, it feels so good to be bringing this work to the community once again.”

Several students from Amanda’s classes will be presenting a large group project: a fully choreographed and costumed production of the number “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from Encanto. “It’s definitely ambitious, but I knew that they could handle it,” says Amanda.

Mary DeLouise’s ASL 3 classes will be presenting a range of independent projects. “They have been practicing the skills of translating songs and movie scenes,” says Mary. “It’s been fun to see how their personalities come through in their choices.”

ASL 4 students will be incorporating all the skills that they have developed over the years into their final presentations, including how to read the room and adjust their signing for an audience. “I gave them a lot of freedom. My only rule,” says Mary, “was that they should aspire to bring a sense of joy or nostalgia to the audience.”

Spanish teacher Victoria Muñoz-Lepore is looking forward to seeing her students shine on Language Night, but says she doesn’t want to give too much away. Some 10th grade students will be presenting a scene from The Story of Ferdinand, a group of 11th graders will be enacting the events behind an 1898 political satire cartoon by Puerto Rican artist Manuel Méndez Saavedra, and students from the Spanish for Heritage Speakers class are presenting self-portrait short films. Vicki is excited for her students: “It’s going to be epic this year! We rented risers, we’re setting up lights, it’s going to be quite the show.”

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