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December 07, 2015

by Samantha Bretton-Granatoor, Upper Division Social Worker

Every day during lunch something is happening at the upper school! If you walk the halls you might hear a lively debate, an episode of the British science-fiction television show Doctor Who, or the heated game of Settlers of Catan, one of several clubs that meet during lunch at 23 Sidney Place. From Student Government to video games, there is something for every student during this informal gathering time. Clubs allow students to become involved in the upper school community regardless of grade and to showcase their personal passions and talents. Students do not need to meet any requirements or criteria in order to participate in a club. As one student stated, “All you have to do is show up, that’s how I got involved with some of the clubs that I regularly attend. One day a friend dragged me along and then I kept on coming back!”

Students in all four grades participate in student-led and teacher-sponsored clubs. Yes, of course, there are the high school staples such as Student Government, Current Events, and Safe Space (the Gay-Straight Alliance). However, students at MMFS are extremely creative and have created innovative clubs such as the Sandwich Club, the Animated Movie Club, and Tea and Board Games. The most popular clubs are Student Government, Quaker Life, and Sandwich Club. The Quaker Life Club, as one junior explained, “… is an opportunity for students who want to be more involved with our school’s practice of Silent Meeting to select the queries in the upper school. We usually talk about current events or things happening in school and queries come out of those conversations.” Sandwich Club was formed as result of a casual lunch group of students and teachers. Another junior described Sandwich Club as “a chance for faculty and students to gather around something everyone loves: EATING! We sit and talk about the week and eat together. We had a peanut butter and jelly day and a ‘halfsies’ day, where everyone brings in a sandwich and splits it with someone else. It was very cool.”

The Doctor Who Club and Animated Movie Club give students a chance to relax and watch their favorite TV show or film and discuss it over lunch. Video Game Club, which is new this year, allows students to bond more than some of their favorite video games, as well as compete against one another. It is typical to see over 15 students in Video Game Club playing and cheering one another on. Aniru Thomas, faculty sponsor of Video Game club, describes this club as “a high intensity group that provides a time each cycle for students and faculty to release the tension and amuse each other regardless of skill level. There’s laughter and friendly banter between students and faculty!”

Check out our full list of current Upper Division Clubs:
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Animated Movie Club
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Tea and Board Games
Song Writing
Quaker Life
Current Events
Video Game Club
Safe Space

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