Quaker Life at the
Upper School

October 24, 2018

Quakerism is a vibrant part of life at the upper school. Two out of every seven days, the community gathers in the gym for Silence. Students lead Silence and present queries, which are thought-provoking questions that begin Silence. Recent queries have included “How do you remember someone who has passed away?” and “What can we learn from events in Baltimore?” These queries are generated by a group of students and faculty members who make up the Quaker Life Committee.

All tenth graders take a Quaker History and Practice course. Recently, students have been investigating the lives of famous Quakers and discussing their work in the context of current events. For example, after learning about prison reformer Elizabeth Fry, students discussed current issues and debates related to the US criminal justice system.

In February, students and faculty members traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia to attend the Quaker Youth Leadership Conference. They enjoyed two days of workshops, community service, and games. The conference was a great opportunity to connect with others at Quaker schools along the east coast.

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