MMFS at the NYC Ethics Bowl

February 09, 2024

Congratulations to upper school ethicists AJ S., Annie B., Beau S., Charlotte L. and Mia L. for representing MMFS against tough competition at the 2024 NYC Ethics Bowl last weekend.

The students spent all semester studying 13 different case studies covering various ethical dilemmas on topics including politics, medicine, art, the environment, and education, among others. Each school team develops a position on each case, and at the competition they are asked to present on three topics, randomly selected from the 13 case studies, without any slides or notes and with only two minutes of group preparation. (No help from coaches, either). They then field questions and comments from opposing teams and judges, many of whom are college professors or graduate students.

For the first match, our team had to present on what they felt was the hardest topic: the obligations of social media companies to monitor and/or censor misinformation. For the second round, Charlotte, Mia, and AJ presented the team’s argument against using taxpayer funds for NASA space exploration, given the urgency of current earthly crises. Annie effectively fielded counter-arguments from the opposing team, and Beau handled challenging questions from the judges. The team and coaches were really proud of this round! Match 3 was about Amazon’s recent patent of a technology that streamlines gift exchanges.

Thank you to coaches Leslie Contopidis and John Keenan. We’re so proud of our team for representing MMFS with such distinction.

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