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November 04, 2022

It’s here! The first edition of the 2022-23 McDowell Friends Gazette (All the News That We Can Find Within Our Own Four Walls and Beyond). This publication of the Friday Journalism Workshop is written and produced by five dedicated newspaper reporters, who demonstrated a lot of care and effort in getting this first issue out. Readers can enjoy

  • An overview of World War II by Zoe H.
  • A look back at the 2022 baseball season by Arjun V.
  • Reports on skiing and Halloween candy by Skylar B.
  • A factual article about car culture in California, and three highly satirical, not-true articles in the style of The Onion (a first for the newspaper) by the team of Mateo T.B. and Theo D.

The workshop is led by teacher Ned Milligan, who was highly impressed by his young newshounds. “I edited their pieces and answered questions, but the topics and writing are all theirs,” he said. Our young journalists had varying reasons for wanting to join the paper: Theo D. said “I joined the newspaper because I wanted to be with my friend,” while Zoe H. wanted a chance to delve into the subject of World War II “because I read a book on it in fourth grade that made me interested in the topic.” Skyla B. chose the workshop “because I love writing and this was a previous club that I was in.” Arjun V. “wanted to join the newspaper club because I wanted to write about baseball.” And Mateo T.B. “joined the newspaper club because it was fun when I did it in elementary school. The thing I really enjoyed about it was writing fake articles.”

Read the Gazette here.

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