Alumni Spotlight: Yemane Charles

February 15, 2018

Yemane Charles attended MMFS from age 10 to 18 and was a member of the MMFS Graduating Class of 2017. Yemane was one of the student graduation speakers. Coming out of his first semester of college at American University, he says that although the classes are challenging, this level of work has been rewarding to complete. “Writing in some classes has been difficult, but my professors have been very helpful.” Giving advice to our future MMFS Alumni, Yemane believes that staying in regular contact with professors is the key. This method seems to be working for him, as he earned a 3.7 GPA at the end of his first semester in college. Yemane continues to be a very active drummer. Most recently, he auditioned for a coveted spot in a troupe that performs in the Metropolitan D.C Area, and despite being one of the youngest drummers, he made it! In his spare time, Yemane also enjoys playing basketball with friends and studying to improve his college experience.

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