Alumni Spotlight: Q&A with Justin Holch, Class of 2017

April 03, 2024

Justin Holch (MMFS Class of ‘17) followed his passion for sports into a degree in Sports Media and a job as an associate producer with SportsNet New York (SNY).  We caught up with him and asked him to tell us about life after MMFS. 


What was the next step for you after MMFS?

I attended Ithaca College and graduated with a degree in Sports Media in 2021.


What are you doing now?

I work for SportsNet New York (SNY) as an Associate Producer.


How did MMFS prepare you for life after high school?

MMFS taught me how to study and, most importantly, how to advocate for myself.


Favorite class or subject at MMFS? 

History was my favorite subject at MMFS because the teachers always knew how to make class feel like fun while learning. 


Which of the Quaker Spices have stuck with you?

Simplicity and peace are values that stick out to me the most as things I try to keep in mind every day.


Your advice to MMFS graduating seniors?

My advice to MMFS graduating seniors is to follow the dream you have. There is no better feeling than waking up every morning and going to do something you love.


Does having a learning disability affect your choices in life after MMFS? If so, how?

Having a learning disability has impacted my life since my time at MMFS, but the effects are not as significant as I assumed they would be.


What’s on your Life “To Do” list?

Right now, my goals are to travel and further my career as a television producer. 


Most used app on your phone? Most underrated app?

Most used app: Instagram

Most underrated app: Target


If you could become a professional at something overnight, what would it be?

Professional baseball player 


What is something that you can’t live without? 

Sports in general


Three people you’d like to have dinner with?

Michael Jordan, Buck Showalter, and Adam Silver  


You get one song to listen to for the rest of your life: What is it?

Get Up by T-Pain 

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