Alumni Spotlight:
Shiel Loganadan

October 01, 2021

Class of 2020 alum Shiel Loganadan is enjoying a thriving competitive tennis career in his sophomore year at Manhattanville College, practicing two hours a day, six days a week. When he was just a freshman he was awarded the Skyline Conference Sportsmanship Award, and he finished the season with a 4-2 singles record and a 4-3 doubles record. Shiel is majoring in Sports Studies, and his goal is to become general manager of a professional sports organization.

Shiel finds that the biggest difference between high school and college is that there is just more of everything. “There are a lot more students, there’s a lot more work, and the schedule is much more challenging. You have to learn to prepare yourself for each day.” But he is quick to acknowledge how well the MMFS athletics program prepared him for Manhattanville. “It did! The biggest aspect was learning time management, to balance practices, games, and schoolwork.”

Shiel joined the MMFS community in 2010 as a third grader. In middle school he played on the basketball team and in upper school he played on the soccer team. His teachers and coaches remember him fondly.

“Shiel was one of the most enthusiastic fans of athletic competition I’ve encountered,” says John Seifert. “He was knowledgeable about virtually every single sport, and we enjoyed discussing major sports events.” The feeling was mutual. “John Seifert was my favorite teacher,” says Shiel.

Even with his great success at Manhattanville, Shiel can be nostalgic about MMFS. “I miss the senior year soccer team. ‘The Save’ at the end of the Steiner game, which helped us secure the best record ever for the Varsity soccer team, is a very fond memory.” MMFS Director of Athletics Justin Schuhmacher remembers that season and Shiel’s impressive performance as goalie. “He always had the right attitude and put the team first. In the final game of the season, with a few incredible last minute saves, Shiel secured the victory for the team.”

Attending a Quaker school taught Shiel “how to be respectful to others around the world. I can see that my everyday interactions are impacted by the things I was taught at MMFS.” And his experience at MMFS taught him important lessons about self-advocacy:  “When you need help with something, make sure you reach out to your teachers and get help.” He advises current MMFS seniors applying to college to seek out “the best fit in your college choices.”

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