Alumni Spotlight:
Lola Lemarquis

March 05, 2021

In her senior year at MMFS, Lola Lemarquis (‘17) was asked by her advisor and Spanish teacher, Vicki Muñoz-Lepore, what she thought the world needed more of. A deeply observant and reflective student, Lola replied, “The world needs more originality.”

Lola is bringing more originality to the world as a digital journalism major at Marymount Manhattan College. Remote learning has been an adjustment, but she continues to work hard, increase her understanding of art, and develop as a creator. Lola’s favorite class this semester is Cultural Criticism, an exploration of different aspects of cultural media.

Teachers at MMFS remember Lola as a joy to teach, remarking on her brilliance, kindness, and playful approach to learning and leadership. In the classroom, Lola had a gift for engaging with new material and activities in a way that conveyed her love of learning, displaying what Vicki describes as “her own personal curiosities, non-judgmental demeanor, and a willingness to try anything once.” When MMFS and Brooklyn Friends School hosted the Quaker Youth Leadership Conference in her senior year, Lola embraced a leadership role and served on the planning team, ensuring that guests from Quaker schools all over the country felt welcome and supported on our campus.

For Lola, MMFS was a huge support in discovering things about herself as a student and learner. “I know what I need to do to get myself to a place where learning is possible. Organization is the foundation to getting me to a place where I can learn successfully.”

Lola is on track to graduate in the spring. As she completes her studies, she is ready to lean in to her artistic roots and make more art. “I have been very focused on school, so I’m looking forward to creating more. I am ready to do something for me.” One of the projects Lola is eager to return to is a small radio show called Breadcrumz, a collaborative effort that showcases and connects local artists and designers. For more information and upcoming content, follow @Breadcrumzmedia. You can find Lola’s photography on @shortyshrugs.

To MMFS students, especially to seniors moving on to college, Lola has the following advice: “Go with your gut when you are thinking about college. You can always change your mind if you don’t like something.”

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