Alumni Spotlight: Linus Jakobson

May 02, 2019

Linus Jakobson is a history major at Lewis and Clark College, which he selected because of its strong Japanese program. He is currently in Japan on a study abroad program, and has enjoyed the opportunity to travel while improving his Japanese. His Japanese has gotten so good that during the recent MMFS upper school trip to Japan, Linus traveled to Hiroshima to meet up with the group and serve as translator and tour guide for a day.

What has been your toughest class so far?
Definitely Quantitative Reasoning 101.

What advice would you give MMFS seniors?
The only real advice I can give is not to be afraid of reaching out to your peers and instructors for help.

What impact did MMFS have in your life? 
While your time at MMFS will prepare you for many things in your future, it can’t prepare you for everything that college and the world will throw at you. MMFS taught me to not be afraid of reaching out for help, a skill I have utilized many times in college.

What is the next step for you?
I’m currently searching for internships in Japan. In the future I’d like to work in Japan as an English teacher.

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