Alumni Spotlight: Lily Dooha Fasano

October 05, 2018

Lily Dooha Fasano graduated from MMFS in 2017. She attends Champlain College in Burlington, VT where she enjoys small class sizes. With many colleges in the area, there are a lot of students around. She began with a focus on Education and Human Studies, but is now a Marketing major, as she found business classes more interesting. Statistics has been the most difficult, but she got through it with the help of a good teacher and a shared study space on campus. Lily advises MMFS seniors to take advantage of study resources in college. She also encourages them to join clubs and activities as a way to meet people, have fun, and stay active. Lily is on the rugby team and it feels like her second family. She also recently traveled with a group to work at an orphanage in Uganda. She loved working with the children, learning about the culture, and going on a three-day safari! Lily credits MMFS for her ability to advocate for herself, apply study strategies, and manage her time. She also cites the MMFS trips to Costa Rica and Italy for inspiring her love for international travel.

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