Alumni Spotlight: Keenan Alexander

February 03, 2023

For many of our alumni, graduation marks the end of their adventures at MMFS. Luckily, there are always a few friendly faces who manage to find a new purpose here after their tassels have turned. Keenan Alexander (’20) currently aids Amin Linder as the Assistant Coach for the Boys Varsity Basketball team. Director of Athletics Justin Schumacher admits, “It’s been great having Keenan back. He’s such a good role model and as a young alum, he can relate to what the kids are going through.” Amin echoes this praise, highlighting Keenan’s time playing basketball in college as an asset when coaching as well as an inspiration for students who may want to continue honing their skills beyond MMFS.

Basketball isn’t the only thing that’s been keeping Keenan busy. After leaving the upper school, he attended Rockland Community College and earned a degree with honors in human performance studies. He is now enrolled in Brooklyn College with a dual major in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. “Ultimately,” says Keenan, “I would like to be a high school or college basketball coach.” As if that weren’t enough, he’s also pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Now back in the building after two and a half years, Keenan’s got plenty of advice to share with our seniors. There is, of course, the practical: “My toughest class so far has been Physics. You must study every day! I found that cue cards and reviewing the material over and over and over again works.” However, this alumnus offers some profundity as well. “Enjoy life. Don’t take it for granted; it flies by. Also, have fun, but put your studies first. It’s worth it.” We hope Keenan will continue to share his wisdom with our community, both on and off the court.

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