Alumni Spotlight:
Justin Alfieri, Class of 2019

December 04, 2020

If you visit MMFS and ask about Justin Alfieri ‘19, students, staff, and faculty alike will mention his remarkable personality. A dedicated student, Justin used his time at MMFS to learn how to navigate the challenges of having a learning disability. From his first year as a 4th floor student at Bergen Street to his senior year at Sidney Place, Justin took advantage of all of the opportunities available at MMFS, from study halls to sports.

Justin recalls Amin Linder, Upper School Head PE Teacher and Coach, as an integral part of his journey at MMFS.  “Amin was a fun relationship,” Justin said. “He would joke but be professional. He brought in a whole new attitude to basketball. We connected with him as a coach.” Amin speaks highly of Justin, remembering him not only as a good student, but also a huge part of the success of the MMFS basketball team during his time as manager: “Justin always brought a welcome energy into the room. He helped videotape games, and would be responsible for keeping statistics. He was practically a part of the coaching staff.”

Now a student at Fairleigh Dickinson, Justin is taking his love for ball on an academic path by studying sports administration. Distance learning has been a new and unusual experience, but as always, he is working hard and following his passion for sports and is on track to graduate in 2023. To every student with a learning disability, Justin offers a pep talk about starting college. “We will forever be the underdogs in a mainstream school, so embrace that role and use it as motivation. It will not only help in the short run, but will make you stronger. Find a major you like. If you like what you do, you will find success.”

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