Alumni Spotlight: Isabella Schaefer

March 15, 2018

Isabella (Bella) Schaefer attended MMFS for four years and was a member of the first upper school graduating class. She is now a senior at SUNY New Paltz, where she is majoring in Communication Disorders, with a double minor in Deaf Studies and Anthropology. Bella is also taking a for-credit internship at the Communication Disorders’ audiology clinic, where she will gain hands-on experience with patients. She is set to graduate with her bachelor’s degree this May. Bella found herself at New Paltz through a rigorous search of colleges that offered degrees in her areas of interest and could accommodate her learning needs. She also spoke with professors and admissions directors to make sure she stood out. Bella shares “I miss all my MMFS [teachers] so much… MMFS allowed me to go to school in an environment that accepted me… and allowed my brain to take the time it needed… MMFS prepared me to believe in myself even when things got really difficult.” Bella’s future plans include possibly going to an audiology graduate program. “…I am working towards something that I am passionate about… life is going to lead me right where I need to be… whether that be in an audiology clinic with my Au.D, or working with children with disabilities… I know I will settle into a career that is right for me.”

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