Alumni Spotlight: Henry Puma

March 01, 2019

2018 MMFS graduate Henry Puma is currently a freshman at McDaniel College, which he decided on because of its strong support program and small classes that reminded him of MMFS. It also offers ASL classes taught by non-hearing professors, which he feels strengthen his ASL learning. Although Henry originally thought that he would major in education to teach ASL, he is really enjoying his classes in biology and kinesiology, so he is currently undecided on his major. He has found writing to be his most difficult course so far, as he regards himself as a visual learner. But Henry has taken advantage of the many resources available for help at McDaniel. He encourages MMFS graduates not to be afraid to advocate for themselves once they get to college, and to draw on the available support services. He also recommends taking a lot of different classes “because you might find out you love something you never thought you would.” Henry makes sure to find time to participate in activities outside of the classroom: he’s on the intramural basketball team, he is currently rushing a fraternity, and he and his friends go to lots of sports events on campus. Thinking back on his time at MMFS, Henry shares, “MMFS upper school was a wonderful experience for me. My teachers were the best.  My advisors always cared and listened.” His advice for graduating seniors? “College is not easy, but MMFS gave me the confidence to advocate for myself and work hard. Middle school taught me community and teamwork; upper school taught me to advocate, work as team, and get along with all different personalities. All of this prepared me for college.” Henry is particularly grateful to MMFS for offering ASL as a second language, saying that “it opened a whole new world for me.”  He plans to continue his studies, and is still leaning toward a teaching degree in ASL. We can’t wait to find out where the future will take him.


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