Alumni Spotlight: Eve Omansky

April 04, 2019

Eve enrolled at Mary McDowell Friends School in 1998 and attended for three years, back when it was just an elementary school. For middle and high school she moved on to Churchill, then attended Fairleigh Dickinson University to study biology and pursue her dream of working in the field of medicine.  After two years she decided to take an alternate route to accomplishing her goals and enrolled in an EMT course for a more hands-on education. After working as an EMT with the FDNY for over eight years, she recently completed the training and passed the exams to be an FDNY paramedic. She is proud to spend every day working to save the lives of people she never met before, encountering them on their hardest days. She loves fighting to give them a chance to see another day with the people they love. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family. When asked what advice she has for graduating seniors, Eve shares “Never give up.” Her experience at MMFS taught her to understand her passions and to think outside the box. “There’s always a second road that can lead you to new adventures and show you your dreams don’t end with one failed attempt. Always keep pushing.”


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