Alumni Spotlight: Dobbin Pinkney

February 05, 2019

Dobbin Pinkney graduated from MMFS in 2017. He attends Pace University, where he is working on his BFA in Commercial Dance. He absolutely loves the program. When asked about the academic challenges of college, Dobbin shared that his most difficult class was in computing, but he got through it with the support of friends who helped him study. His message to graduating seniors: “Make sure that whatever you choose to study in college, it is something that you love, something that you have a passion for, because you will be doing it for the next four years and possibly for the rest of your life.” When Dobbin thinks back on his time at MMFS and how it helped him prepare for college, he says, “The teachers really care about you and sincerely want to see you grow.” After college, Dobbin plans to move to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. “I’m planning on becoming a professional choreographer and creative director. I also would love to tour around the world with artists such as Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and many more!” Next year Dobbin will be studying in Los Angeles for a semester and promises to keep us posted.

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