Alumni Spotlight:
Clara Goldiner

May 01, 2020

Clara Goldiner (’17), joined the MMFS community as a student on the 5th floor at Bergen Street. She attended our middle school, embracing lessons in planning, organization, and study skills, and moved along to our upper school well prepared for our college preparatory program. When reflecting on her learning experience at MMFS, Clara speaks of the impact of our faculty, especially her education in self advocacy and determining what learning tools and strategies were appropriate for her. “I will always remember [former teacher] Thabit Al-Murani. He taught me the importance of critical thinking and pushing myself to always do better.”

From an early age, Clara knew she loved numbers. Supported by Thabit Al-Murani and the MMFS math department, Clara was able to take the AP exam in Calculus. Thabit recalls Clara’s organization and her determination to succeed. “I said to her that I would make myself available whenever she wanted to meet during break and lunch. She came back the next lesson with a calendar marked with every day she wanted to meet.” Clara is now a junior at Connecticut College, majoring in math with a concentration in statistics.

An artist, member of student government, and three sport athlete, Clara was a natural leader in our buildings. She continues to lead at Connecticut College as a House Fellow for a first-year dormitory. Clara also employs her determination, focus, and leadership abilities as the coxswain of the Conn College Varsity Rowing team. She loves rowing because it allows her to continue to be on a team at the collegiate level. It also gives her the opportunity to hone her communication skills, as the coxswain is responsible for steering the boat and keeping the whole team in rhythm. She loves working with her team and coaches. Clara is excited to graduate in the spring of 2021.

To the class of 2020, Clara sends the following message: “It is unfortunate that this year is marked by such tragedy especially for the senior class. Please know that now more than ever, there is continuing support from the alumni community.”

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