Addressing Race in
Learning & Education

May 01, 2020

By Elyse Wilson, Middle School Head Teacher

With the support of the Parents Association, I participated in the Critical Analysis of Race in Learning & Education (CARLE) Institute in New York City. With a cohort of educators from across the county, I worked to explore the history and practice of racial diversity, equity, and inclusion in classrooms and beyond. Through lessons and break-out groups, I explored my own racial identity and gained language, resources, and tools to be a leader in diversity and multicultural efforts at the middle school. I worked on student-facing lesson/unit plans focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion that I am sharing with the 6th grade team and my homeroom. In addition, through the experience of talking about race at CARLE, I am now prepared and inspired to be an active member of the MMFS Diversity Committee, Affinity Groups, and the White Anti-Racist Educators (WARE) chapter in NYC.

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