A Day of Science at the Middle School

June 09, 2023

Middle school students were invited to become scientists, engineers, and activists for MS Science and Engineering Day on June 2. Small groups of students working with a teacher were assigned a mission that would demonstrate all they had learned in science this year.

6th grade students drew on their study of Earth and environmental science to determine the best renewable, clean energy for The Indian Point Nuclear Energy Center. Exploring the site’s natural resources, they collaborated to build their own 3-D models. They also wrote letters to Governor Hochul explaining their design choices and why their renewable energy package was the best solution for New York State’s energy needs.

7th grade students explored the six characteristics of living things: having cells, reproducing, growing/changing, using energy, responding to stimuli, and evolving over time. Activities included cell identification, fossil digs, safely transferring a penguin egg from one “parent” to another, building a minimal-waste bird, and playing an evolution game exploring the benefits of adapting and evolving over time.

8th grade students applied principles of energy and stability on both the macro (physics) and micro (chemistry) levels to their investigations. They constructed marble runs to calculate speed and built Hot Wheels to manipulate the relationship between kinetic and potential energy and achieve thermal equilibrium with various elements.

It was wonderful to see the students focused and engaged in scientific pursuits. Enjoy the photos.   

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