Trips to Fairview Lake

June 02, 2015

Every May, the oldest elementary school classes go on community building overnight trips to Fairview Lake Environmental Education Center. Students ages nine to eleven and their teachers spend two nights and three days together at Fairview Lake learning about nature, developing outdoor skills, and collaborating in fun activities. You can read some teachers’ reflections on this year’s trip below, and you can see more photos of the trip here.

“Our recent trip to Fairview Lake was great. It might seem silly to talk about a student experiencing growth over a short three-day span, but for many that’s just what happened, even if it’s not how they would describe the experience.

From the student who has a brand-new experience on the climbing wall, to the student who adds to her knowledge of plants, or holds a salamander while learning from the environmental educators, students have broadened their horizons just a little. For the student who slept away from home for the first time (for two nights!) or who had to navigate the compromise and consideration of others that come with sharing a space with seven bunkmates, resilience and maturity are strengthened just a little.”

Greg Hill-Reis and Kristin Fade, Penn Room Teachers

“The best feedback we could ask for was from students who were nervous about going and who ended the trip saying, “I wish I could stay here longer.” Everyone returned with stories and memories that have continued to be shared in the weeks since, which underscores what a collective experience it was. We are grateful for all of the teachers, staff, and especially students who made it such a meaningful trip.”

Ned Milligan and Heron Haas, Levi Room Teachers

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