Thumbs Up Thursday

September 15, 2022

If you liked Wacky Wednesday and Friendship Friday, you’re going to love Thumbs Up Thursday! Yesterday afternoon, the lower school was given over to an array of fun activities, designed to jumpstart building bonds and creating community. Small groups of students traveled around the building, moving with their group leader from one activity to the next. Each activity ran for about 10 minutes, so there was plenty of opportunity to have maximum fun. Our very creative teachers brainstormed ideas for activities that were guaranteed to get a “thumbs up” from the students. There were read-alouds, a dance party, playing with blocks, scooter games, musical chairs, working with watercolors, beading, charades, Getting to Know You games, Legos, Freeze Dance, and Mindful Coloring. There was lots of laughter, music, and energy in the halls at 20 Bergen Street.

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