MMFS Upper School Soccer Season Wrap-Up

November 01, 2018

By Coaches Andrew Fileta, Brian Kerrigan, and Noah Rolley

We began the season with an overnight trip to the Delaware Valley Friends School in Paoli, Pennsylvania where we took part in a team-training workshop. We had two practice sessions during the days and team-building activities during the evening. This set the tone for the season by getting the team in physical shape as well as establishing unity. This was our sixth season participating in the Independent School Athletic League (ISAL) and the MMFS Lightning upper school soccer program continues to grow. We racked up our first nine-point season with our third win and narrowly missed making the playoffs.

This team was an especially tight-knit group that was led by four seniors who exemplified what being upperclassmen really entails in terms of setting examples for their fellow teammates. Special thanks to seniors Christian, George, Zach, and James who had been playing together since the seventh grade. A lot of the credit for the growth of this program most definitely goes to them. We wish them the best in their future endeavours. As we look on to next year we will have a lot of returning players who were major contributors both on the offensive and defensive ends. We are excited to see this program continue to grow. It has been a real pleasure to coach this team and we are excited for next year!

Check out the photos here.

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