MMFS Student’s Letter to Presidential Candidate Clinton Goes Viral

November 05, 2015

This month, Mary McDowell Friends School (MMFS) got some welcome time in the media spotlight via one of its students. A plucky MMFS seventh grader took the initiative to reach out to 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Identifying herself as a student at MMFS, the 12 year old girl used the opportunity to draw attention to the needs of students with learning disabilities. The self-proclaimed feminist also spotlighted equal rights for all and offered to volunteer for the campaign after school.

The heartfelt handwritten letter was enthusiastically received by former Secretary of State Clinton and was shared on her campaign website. Several media outlets picked up on the story and the student’s letter went viral. It has appeared on the Huffington Post and on many LGBTQI websites, and has been shared widely on Facebook.

Impressed with the student’s character and initiative, the Clinton campaign asked her to be a part of a campaign ad that was being produced. The MMFS 7th grader provides voice-over narration in the ad and also appears in the footage playing soccer. Since then, she has met Clinton in person.

“We could not be more proud of this young student,” stated Head of School Debbie Zlotowitz, “Her thoughtful, conscientious, caring words epitomize the spirit of Mary McDowell Friends School. We are thrilled for the attention she has received and the opportunities that have emerged for her. And of course we welcome the acknowledgement of our school’s unique mission to help children of all abilities reach their full potential by revealing the brilliance of every student.

Read Olivia’s letter in the Huffington Post article.

Check out local news website DNAinfo’s coverage of the story.

Watch an interview with Olivia and her father–filmed at the MMFS middle school– on ABC’s Eyewitness News:

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