MMFS Presents: Teachers Teaching Teachers

February 03, 2023

MMFS teachers have so much brilliance to share. Last week, 12th Grade Dean of Students Mary DeLouise and Head Teachers Amanda Toomey and Vicki Muñoz-Lepore had the honor of presenting at the NYSAIS Global Language and Cultural Conference. Held at Mohonk Mountain House, the conference provides educators with the chance to learn new techniques, explore best practices in language teaching, and form connections with like-minded colleagues.

Our MMFS representatives were eager to share their presentation (appropriately titled “Organizing a Division-Wide Language Festival”), and this enthusiasm inspired their fellow attendees. “I think the compliment that meant the most was when one educator commented on how each of us was beaming with pride when talking about our students’ work,” Mary said, reflecting on the experience. “We had many other teachers tell us they wanted to do some version of a language festival at their school.”

Vicki also had the opportunity to give a presentation about self-publishing her comprehensible input novel La Nuevayorkina de Nuevayorkinos, which was written about and in collaboration with Djali Brown-Cepeda (founder of Nuevayorkinos, a digital photo archive dedicated to collecting and sharing Latinx New Yorkers’ stories). Vicki provided attendees with a model of how to incorporate their own writing into a curriculum for language learners.

Congrats and thank you to our presenters.

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