MMFS Lower School Students Support Monumental Women

August 26, 2020

For the past few years MMFS lower school students in the Emily and Mott rooms have studied and supported the work of Monumental Women, a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to placing the first statue honoring women’s history in Central Park. Through fundraising and educational initiatives, such as selling homemade baked goods and handmade statues of real monumental women throughout history, these emerging young feminists have spread the word throughout the MMFS community about this important cause.

Today, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment and women winning the right to vote, Monumental Women made history with the unveiling of the Women’s Rights Pioneers Monument featuring Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Susan B. Anthony.

We’d like to offer a huge congratulations to Monumental Women for this phenomenal achievement, and a massive thank you for the shout out in today’s speech!

To learn more about Monumental Women, and to view the virtual ceremony (catch MMFS lower school students at 42:21) visit

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